Welcome to my world!

Of all the scenes that have come off my palette, be it floras, street scenes, waterfront scenes, or landscapes, my true love is In 2 Critters.

My favorite thing is painting animals. I can sit for hours and paint their majestic, impressive features. All my critters from a little duck to a mighty elephant have a loving expression, especially in their eyes. They almost speak to you.

I have developed paintings in many mediums including  watercolor, watercolor crayons, pencils, pen and ink, and collage in my artwork. My brushes vary from very thin to thick, large fan shapes.
Sometimes I will paint on an actual photograph and extend it. It's hard to tell where my painting begins and ends. This technique produces an eye stopper at every show.
I am a day person and never paint in the evening. I need light and sun to inspire and create.

Journey on with Dotty for new adventures!


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